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7 Μαΐ 2017


Translated from the original by Costas Balomenos

Assembly hall of Pentecostal

In the following article, you will see the Differences between Pentecostals of FACP (Free Apostolic Church of Pentecost) starting from the description of the space where they collected, how it is done the function'” and how operate thegifts'” - these terms used abusively, since none of them reflects the reality - and the Operation of Orthodoxy, to appreciate more the immense spiritual riches of orthodoxy, sometimes do not have comprehend those without left the Father's house and does not wandered in heresies eating carob...
The space gathered the Pentecostals has no but any relation with the Holy Temples of Orthodoxy. The first thing one will notice is the lack of sacred images. The spaces, in which are made the gatherings, are rented but there are also privately owned. They are usually large rooms, while are smaller in the province.
They are maintained with voluntary offer (the FACP has not the tenth [1] as the other organizations of Pentecost, that are tens and diverse in our country), but also with the contributions - regular every Sunday - but also the extraordinary.
Within these there are benches with hymnals, Bibles, and underneath small cushions to kneel at the hour of prayer ecclesiastical (which will be discussed below). At depth, there is a elevated pulpit with a microphone in which is made the preaching and teaching. Beside, it is usually a tank used as “godchildren”. The hymns are not like in the Orthodox church that is praising God, the saints, and Our Lady. There are hymns that used by the ancient church, nor of course use the liturgical texts of Orthodoxy (e.g. the Operation of John Chrysostom). His hymns are addressed only to God (supposedly) is their own devising, which often promotes their teachings and impart strong emotions to the faithful. This is very important. It is the key to understand that they operate evocatively, resulting the “charismatic” phenomena that occur in their area. Generally, Pentecostals rely too much on emotion and thoughts, something which is wrong and leads to errors in the ascetic tradition of Orthodoxy. The blessed Father Seraphim Rose in his book “Orthodoxy and the Religion of the Future”, referring generally to the Pentecostal movement notes; “There are two basic forms of rover. The first and most spectacular form arises when a person toiling for a high spiritual status or spiritual visions without having first cleansed from passions and complacency on his own judgment. In someone like him the devil provides great «visions». ... But there is another, less spectacular form of spiritual beguilement that is not offering victims of great visions, but only exalted «religious feelings». This happens, as Bishop Ignatius wrote, “when the heart wishes and strives for holy and divine feelings while still being completely unsuitable for them. Everyone who has not crushing, contrite spirit which recognizes any kind of value or advantage to himself which do not keep constant the teaching of the Orthodox Church, but in one or another tradition believes in his own arbitrary judgment or has followed a non-Orthodox teaching - is in this situation of fallacy”.
The Holy Scriptures used by Pentecostals is a translation of the Orthodox Neophytos Vamvas, who translates the text of "Masorites" and not this of the “Septuagint”. This results the Bible that hold, has several differences (substantive or not) with the translation of the "Septuagint" from which quote the apostles and the evangelists in their writings, and contains ten books less from them which the ancient church accepts. This is because the Massoretic text from which Vamvas translates it, is of Jewish origin, which does not contain the so-called “Second-canonical” books, which is clearly part of the rule of the books of Bible. Otherwise, let's throw from the Scriptures and the Book of Esther, which belongs to the "second-canonical'' if in case the so called second-normally do not belong to the rule of Holy Bible. Therefore, the Bible who use has 66 books instead of 76 which accepts the Church. And of course, no reason for the sacred images that not only adorn our churches, but already teach at St John Damascene. “Because the image is memorandum. And what is the Bible for those who know scripture and reading, this for the illiterate is the picture. And what is the reason for the hearing, it is the image of the vision. And this unites us mentally. ... Because the picture is a triumph and revelation and a column writing in memory of the victory of those who excelled and preeminent and of the shame those were defeated and vanquished”. (To those who slander the holy Icons).
Their operation consists of two parts: The prayer and the preaching on weekdays and on Sunday added to the "cult'' and the celebration of theDivine Eucharist. Also, as a rule, one day a week or two (depending on the'' responsible'' of each assemblage) instead of preaching is defined lesson. Usually it undertakes a "senior officer''. Here, exclusively developed the teaching of every Pentecostal movement. In large gatherings, days is defined and co-study in which (after prayer) are gathered and discuss issues and questions through the Bible. Without resorting to patristic interpretations of course, but in arbitrariness. And they are limited to only the Bible, it is itself arbitrariness, since the Bible NOWHERE us not limited SOLELY to this. Pentecostals, give great importance and attention in their teaching. Essentially, their gatherings are more reminiscent "a biblical school'' that produces inflated people with knowledge, than a spiritual hospital where people will find their spiritual health.
The prayer lasts one hour. Everybody kneel on cushions, and each one begins to pray to God low voice (initially). The chief urges chanting hymns through them. To open their hearts and thus the believers to get started. Although hymns are referred to the worship of God, more excite themselves to be freed spiritually and to co-seduce together in team autosuggestion, order to produce a series of “charismatic phenomena. For example, a hymn he says ... “Give a fiftieth now to your people to be filled, give us charismas, make new miracles Jesus to prepare your church”, or another who says ... “The Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit inflame my heart I want to pray, I want to testify, after he arrived in the Holy Spirit”. And there are too many hymns for every occasion. They say more to listen to them selves and urging themselves, rather than for God to hear. For example, the first hymn I mentioned, they ask repetition of the event of Pentecost, asking for charismas and miracles, to prepare for the imminent coming of Jesus Christ. So without preparation by repentance, without catharsis, without distinction, are ready to accept everything as coming from God. These, however, are unlike what our teach the saints of our Church, whose the objective was not the gifts and fanfare, but sanctification and humility, in the saying of the prophet Isaiah ... In quietness and the conviction he shall be your strength. And who acquired with toil and struggle (always by grace) real gifts of the Holy Spirit. «Having little or no foundation in the original sources of Christian spiritual experience - the Holy Mysteries of the Church, and spiritual teachings delivered by Christ and the Apostles through the Holy Fathers - the followers of the" charismatic "movement have no way to distinguish the grace of God from the imitation. All "charismatic" writers show to a greater or lesser extent, a lack of attention and discrimination in the experiences that have ... St. John Cassian, the great Orthodox father of the West (5th c.), who wrote with great distinction for the work of the Holy Spirit in his Contribution (Collatio) for “Divine Gift”, notes that "sometimes the demons (thaumaturgy) in order to raise man to pride believing that holds great gift, so to prepare him for an even bigger fall. They pretend burned and are drawn off outside bodies inhabited because of the (supposed) holiness people who in reality know that is unholy. In the Gospel we read: It will display false – Christs and false –prophets ...» (Contribution XV: 2) ... Any reader of biographies of Orthodox Saints and other spiritual literature knows that all these spirits - both "good" and "bad", the "upper" and "lower" - is equally demons, and that the distinction between really good spirits (angels) and those evil spirits can not be based on personal feelings and impressions of someone». (Orthodoxy and the Religion of the Future).
His chanting operates as a driving force for what will follow. In contrast, the psalmody in Orthodox church directed toward God and brings our hearts in devoutness, because it addressed to the mercy of God toward us and his glorious holiness. The eminently request is the forgiveness and His mercy to us. Subsequently, after create a climate appropriate, start the charismatic phenomena. They sound various incomprehensible, called “speaking in tongues, and that is proof that the “holy spiritis present. In the 10 years I was there, I never heard any known language. But if I heard something, it was never what they say, but something such as for example, once I heard something in Russian but it was not clean. Some claim that the languages ​​they speak are genuine. No objection. And in the shamanism [2] talk! Have the Holy Spirit; The Christians must be very careful, especially when we have primordial sources which tell us that the gift of tongues after the third to fourth century does not existed (e.g. Chrysostom and Augustine). It is very suspicious that reappeared in the 20th century, and even outside of the church that Christ left. The suspicions are reinforced by the fact that great hermits who possess terrible gifts, do not refer to speaking in tongues. Even more, the fruit. Father Seraphim Rose says ... «After the first or maybe the second century is not mentioned in any Orthodox source, but it's not happening even in the great Fathers of the Egyptian desert, who was so full of the Spirit of God, who made many amazing miracles, including and the resurrection of the dead. The Orthodox behavior to the original speaking in tongues, then, can be summed up in the words of St. Augustine (speaking to John, IV: 10): The first year the Holy Spirit was falling on those who believed and they spoke with tongues that were not learned, as the Holy Spirit gave them reason. These were signs adapted to the era. Because he was fitting to have this point of the Holy Spirit in all languages, to show that the Gospel of God was to propagate through all languages ​​across the globe. This was done as a point, and passed. And as if wanting to respond to contemporary Pentecostals with the strange emphasis on this point, Augustine continues: It is now expected that they will laying on of hands  [3] will be speaking in tongues? Or when will laying on of hands these guys expected from you to see if they speaking in tongues? And when he saw that no speaking in tongues was none of your so perverse in heart, as to say they have not received the Holy Spirit?”  Far from being given freely and spontaneously, without the interference of man - as the real gifts of the Holy Spirit - speaking in tongues can be caused by a completely predictable common technique of concentrated prayer group, accompanied by evocative psychological Protestant hymns («He coming! He is coming!»), to culminate with a "laying on of hands", and sometimes involve purely physical efforts such as the repetition of a given phrase again and again (Koch, p 24), or just the execution sounds with mouth”.

Pentecostals in a state of ecstasy 'speaking in tongues'

Personally I heard repeatedly people "speaking in tongues'' having many years at Pentecost, but after prayer not want to be spoken between them. The theme of the article is simply a description of what happens. Anyone who wants to see more can be seen in the following articles; (a) The distortions of the Pentecostal prophecy of Joel, Undo heretical text (b) Undo heretical text (c), and the series of excerpts from the book by Fr Seraphim Rose: The Orthodoxy and the Religion of the Future.
The supposed "speaking in tongues'' to make it (informal) more spiritual than your brother who still is not claimed by this “gift”. Instead to fill with humility, you fill with pride. You think you have get into the realm of the invisible spiritual world of God. Certainly not saying it with the lips, but pride is ready to manifest itself in every detail. Another point I would like to focus on is the big messiness that is created because of speaking in tongues”. Especially when there are many people that come into a trance, they start voices and incomprehensible with the prompts of the "responsible'' and this becomes even cause of scandalization for some (mostly neo-catechism). Even fear. Once, I saw some new, who upon hearing speaking in tongues, opened the door and fled from the aggregation! Nothing to do with series and the order that exists in the Orthodox church. A wild enthusiasm many times is “baptized”spiritual revival”, which after some time vanishes and the faithful re-immersed in the problems of everyday life.  Many times, the "speaking in tongues'' causes that the other can not pray, but he who is "speaking in tongues'' can not be built internally as reported by the Apostle Paul in his A’ Epistle to Corinthians. Neither themselves they are not able to provide a complete interpretation of what they feel precisely in the "speaking in tongues''. No genuine according to God experience. The best of case, are deceiving themselves. At worst, are deceived by the enemy of the soul. The best interpretation in chapters 12, 13, 14 from the First Letter to the Corinthians and response to false- experiences of Pentecostals, is the tradition that gave us the great monks and ascetics and saints of the church. Precious heritage on the distinction missing from Pentecostals.
Approximately the same happen with the prophecies. There, whoever has the gift after filled "with the Holy Spirit'' and reach full ecstasy, gets up and speaks in God's name, mentioning a message from God, which is usually general and vague and that impresses the gullible who believe. Whenever they attempted to prophesy specifically, dropped out. Therapies that never came, blessings and promises that were never realized, and became cause some later to turn their backs not only on Pentecost and God yet. Indication that the evil spirit acting and here. Nothing to do with the charismatic Elders us who with humility and in any spiritual gift became cause to turn deceived many people to the Savior Christ. The funny thing is that sometime I asked two “seniors” about how it works the gift, but I received completely different answers, proof that everyone gives the interpretation as he perceives (trust in his calculus, namely while they not have passed through the stage of purification).
More generally, lacks class in Pentecostal gatherings. Missing God. God is a God of order, says the Apostle Paul. The prophecies, both those that were made personally and individually and those concerned all Pentecostals never were fulfilled. The souls there inconvenienced more than cured. Scandalized despite are built. Others listen and watch others. Away from the true grace of Christ, far from the holy and modest mysteries of the church, outside the church who left the Lord. A cheap imitation of the secret tradition of the saints of the church, a fake and a human creation with arbitrary interpretations of Scripture and inexperience on the spiritual.
I would like to finish with some words of St. John of the Ladder, and of St. Isaac the Syrian ...
There are some unclean demons that someone just started studying the Bible they reveal its interpretation. This particularly loves to make in hearts of snobby people's and even educated with the worldly education. And they aim to throw them into heresies and blasphemous ideas deceiving them slowly. We do perceive well this demonic theology or better vattologie from the scrimmage, the messy and naughty pleasure that is creating in the soul at the time of explanation”. (Reason Twenty – sixth. About Discrimination of distinguishable, Scale).
We, holy brother, let's work with our heart the works of repentance and pure state, which pleases God, then, the gifts of the Lord, such as health, apathy, theory, come on their own, without to ask if our heart naturally become pure and undefiled. Yet the high gifts of God we ask not and wait when they come, because the Church of God does not approve something like that. And those who received gifts in such way they acquired pride and they are forfeited from the grace of God. To behave one in such a way is not a sign that he loves God, but is sickness soul. And how can we ask the high gifts of God at a time when the divine apostle Paul brags about his sorrows, and considers his society in the Christ's sufferings that are great gifts of God?” (Ascetics, Isaac the Syrian).

[1] Tithing: As the Jews being forced to give a portion of their production (mainly cereals) for the maintenance of the priests of the Temple, many Pentecostal Movements has enacted something similar, i.e. their followers give part of their incomes.
[2] Shamanism: It’s a complicated cultic and magical - religious phenomenon that is shaped around the technique of ecstasy. Derived from the word shaman who is the priest or the magician-doctor. Were developed mainly in primitive peoples of Oceania, North and South America, Siberia, Indonesia, etc.
[3]  bless by placing the hands on the head of the faithful (for priest)

                                          Writer Frixos

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